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Presentation and conversation with all employees on performance and plans

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Employees present enterprise improvement projects to executive management for funding

With our Collaborate.Video platform

Educate in a worldwide classroom

Participants interact with the educator

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With our Collaborate.Video platform

Control all video distribution across your enterprise

Eliminate gateway and WAN link congestion

Control the secure distribution of any video stream

Manage video distribution appliances in-house

With our Collaborate.Video platform

Our Collaborate.Video Platform

A webcast that integrates a high definition video stream with a user interface that enables participation is a powerful collaboration tool, with no practical limit to the number of participants or their location.

If this is true, then what has been the barrier to deploying video streaming technology for Enterprise Collaboration?

There is a major issue relating to network congestion that applies to video streaming services and popular collaboration services. When the audience is within an enterprise framework, normally each participant connects to the collaboration feed through a network gateway to the Internet.  As more and more participants connect, the high bandwidth requirements inherent to video streams accumulate and often exceed the gateway capacity.  All connections to the Internet struggle and network control suffers.

Yet each connection hosts the exact same content. This issue also applies to remote offices that are connected to the head office via wide-area gateway links that have limited capacity. The solution to the gateway congestion issue is quite simple: bring a single stream through the gateway and then redistribute it locally.


Our Collaborate.Video platform transparently connects each participant to the first available source of the content closest to them. This solves the congestion problem and enables high quality video to be distributed throughout the enterprise with complete control.

 Key Features

  • Enables internal replication of high quality video streams
  • Participants are transparently connected to a local source – MAXPath
  • Feature-rich configurable user interface – MAXPlayer
  • Supports multiple languages including simultaneous interpretation
  • Support for concurrent sessions
  • Live and archived events
  • Access Control
  • Software-as-a-service solution


MAXPath – Backend Integration

  • Connects the participant’s player to the best available video distribution hub on their local area network
  • If none are available, alternate sources are listed
  • Internet-based participants are connected to a cloud-based content delivery service

MAXPlayer – Participant Experience

  • Our MAXPlayer user interface appears as a video player application
  • Multiple variations of the player user interface are configured to meet specific event needs
  • Each player configuration has a unique, friendly URL that can be embedded in the enterprise intranet website or in an e-mail to launch the collaborative session or replay an archived event


MAXPlayer: Your Participant Experience


Works on all common devices

No application software to install


User Selectable Settings

Language: English and French.  The core player software is language independent.  All textual information can be presented in any language.
Video Formats: 720P, 480P, 480S, 360P, 240P and audio only
Audio Options: Speaker audio plus any number of simultaneous interpretation feeds

Navigation Options

Sessions: For live events with multiple concurrent sessions, gives the participant choice of session to attend.  For archived events, list the presentations available for review.
Topics: For archived sessions, the user can go to a specific topic within a presentation.
Resources: List of resources available with URLs that can point to websites or documents for download.
Voting:  Link to a commercially available Internet voting service of your choice.
TwitterLink to twitter with your specific hashtag.
Participate:  Forward questions or comments to the venue. This is implemented with a client-defined email address and enables quality assurance on content.
Share:  Send a notification with event URL to a colleague.
HelpdeskSubmit a helpdesk request to a client-defined email address.
Settings:  Participant can switch languages, audio source and format options at any time.


User interface:  Personalize the MAXPlayer user interface with enterprise and event branding.


Information collected: User definable
Fees: Custom e-transactions can be included
Reports: Full reporting on registrants

Access Control

Password:  Any character string
Referring Domain:  Only participants that launch MAXPlayer from a designated website are permitted.  This enables in-house access control implemented on these origin websites.
Network:  Only participants coming from designated IP networks are permitted.


Analytics:  Access to extensive Google Analytics reports


Collaborate.Video Subscriptions

Basic MAXPlayer Configuration

  • Enterprise branding
  • Any combination of navigation options
  • Access control
  • Support for 6 stream choices:
    2 video options – support for English and French slides
    3 language choices – speaker, English interpreter or French interpreter
  • MAXPath plugin

MAXPath App

  • Hosted by Collaborate.Video (optional)
  • Hosted on client network

Broadcast Channels

  • Internet distribution on high capacity Content Distribution Service


Contact us for pricing based on your specific requirements.

Professional Webcast Production


First webcast in 1997

In 2016 passed the 1000 webcast mark !


Professional Videographers and Directors

Experienced Audio-Visual Technicians


From large studio-type productions to single speaker presentations

 Simultaneous Interpretation offered


Full Responsibility for All Aspects of Webcast Production



Communications setup & testing
Pre-event recordings
Custom player branding



Staging & lighting
Remote speaker integration
Simultaneous interpretation
Live captioning



Audio & Video editing
Archive packaging

Consulting & Support Services

Video Distribution Systems



Installation and Configuration Support

Stress Testing

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting




Our White Paper



Our Step-by-Step Tutorial


Other Helpful Tools

Internet Bandwidth Consumption

Viewer-Hours by Format

Webcast Planner

About Us

The founders of CollaborateVideo Corp. have been pioneering streaming technology since 1997.  While working on a special video project at the Communications Research Centre Canada, we were inspired by the profound impact the merger of television and the Internet would have in the future.  We founded MAXDigital Broadcasting Inc. and became a webcast producer.  In support of this, we created a content distribution service and developed player software that could meet the harsh constraints of bandwidth availability.

In response to client needs and the evolving video technology, our software and content delivery services progressively expanded in scope and functionality.  Our success was recognized by the Federal Government of Canada.  MAXDigital Broadcasting was the only company to have a national standing offer for webcasting services.

Today, our Collaborate.Video Platform is supporting thousands of collaboration participants having access from both the Internet and their enterprise’s Intranet.


Fred Tomlinson
CollaborateVideo Corp.