Webcast Planner


Webcast Reference:

1. Organization:

2. Title of Event:

3. Date(s)/Time(s) of Event:

5. Venue:

6. Client Contact:

7. Comms Contact:

8. Venue Contact:

9. How would you best describe the nature of your event?:
 Conference format with a series of speaker presentations Sales, training or professional development seminar Town hall meeting to collaborate within a community of interest Ceremony (for recognition of achievement for example) Other

If other, please specify:

10. What is the duration of your event?:
 One hour Two Hours Half-day Full-day Other

If other, please specify:

11. Which type of audience will be participating in the webcast?:
 The general public directly connected to the Internet Enterprise audiences on their local area network Private audiences by invitation only or by advanced registration Private audiences by organization affiliation

12. What is the maximum anticipated webcast audience size?:
 100 600 1200 1500 3000 6000 12000 24000 audienceother

If other, please specify:

13. How many hours of webcasting will be required?:

14. Please indicate which of the following may be included?:
 Individual speaker presentation(s) Panel discussion Question and answer period Other

If other, please specify:

15. Which if any of the following media may be included?:
 Presentation slides Video Clips Videoconference link Teleconference link Other

If other, please specify:

16. Will the webcast be in:
 English Only French Only Both French and English Other

If other, please specify:

17. If bilingual, will simultaneous interpretation be offered?:
 Yes No

18. If bilingual, which audios do you want included in the webcast?:
 Speaker audio English audio from simultaneous interpretation French audio from simultaneous interpretation

19. If bilingual with presentation slides, will the slides be:
 In English only In French only In Both English and French

20. What is the nature of the webcast?:
 Audio only Presentation slides with audio only Speaker video only - no slides Speaker video with slides Other

If other, please specify:

21. Would you like the audience to log-in to the webcast to obtain viewer attributes?:

22. If yes, what information would you like to collect?:
 Name Organization Location Email Address Other

If other, please specify:

23. Do you want the audience to have access to any of the following resources?:
 Links to related web sites Downloadable documents (ie. presentation slides) E-mail Addresses Other

If other, please specify:

24. Would you want the audience to have the ability to submit questions or comments?:
 Yes No

25. Would you like to include a social media add-on:

26. If Twitter, specify hashtag:

27. If other, please specify:

28. Would you like a copy of the raw video footage?:
 Yes No

29. If yes, what format would you prefer?:
 Source camera files High quality render for reference purposes

30. Would you like a copy of the webcast footage?
 Yes No

31. If yes, what would you prefer?:
 raw webcast recording edited version with sound and video editing and title page added

32. Do you require hosting services?
 Yes No

33. If yes, how do you want to make the archive available?
 On-demand for desktop/mobile device consumption CD-ROM format Downloadable file

34. Do you want to have closed caption text added?
 Yes No

35. If yes, will the text be provided for the closed captioning or must it be created from the audio recording?
 Provided Created

Send a copy to the following email addresses:
Please comma separate multiple email addresses as follows: example@example.com, example@example.com